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Expect the un-Aspected.

About Ryan & The Firm

Aspect Law Chambers LLC may be a young family & criminal law firm in Singapore, but do not judge a book by its cover. Our managing director (Ryan) is a family lawyer in Singapore who has honed his knowledge and expertise as an Associate Director at a well-known matrimonial firm.

More often than not, the best will leave the nest and Ryan is no exception. He had harboured the dream of setting up his own law practice so as to ensure that he is able to deliver his best to meet his clients’ needs without being tied down by the “red tapes” typically associated with bigger law firms. The dream led him to start Aspect Law Chambers LLC that serves as both a Family & Criminal Law Firm in Singapore.

Ryan started off his legal career training at international law firms honing his knowledge in all areas of law. Through time, Ryan discovered his passion for community law (i.e. Family and Criminal Law) where he realised his work would have a bigger impact on the lives of his clients as opposed to clients who are “entities” and/or “companies”. Thus, he started his own family law and criminal law firm in Singapore.

As time went by, Ryan focussed his career on both Family and Criminal Law after he was called to the Singapore Bar in 2015. Since then, Ryan rose through the ranks at his previous firm (a well-known matrimonial firm) becoming an Associate Director within a short span of 3 years. Needless to say, Ryan was the top litigator handling not only mediations but complex contested matters simultaneously. Ryan had conducted numerous contentious trials (involving contested divorces to personal protection order and domestic exclusion orders) and had emerged victorious in many of them. One notable case was Ryan’s winning of a High Court Appeal relating to the issue of a hotly contested shared care and control over a child.

Often endorsed by his clients as a lawyer that truly empathises, Ryan seeks to resolve cases amicably when possible. However, when faced with unreasonable circumstances, Ryan does not rest till justice is truly served. Ryan’s going the distance for clients is demonstrated by the fact that many of his ex-clients turn into his personal friends after the conclusion of their cases.

So, when you find yourself struggling to stay afloat in your matrimonial disputes, Aspect Law Chambers LLC are your first responders to pull you into safety.

Aspect Law Chambers LLC is here to fight the good fight, let us be in your corner.

Several notable cases that Ryan was lead-counsel in:

  • URS v URT [2019] SGFC 7
  • UVD v UVE [2019] SGFC 46
  • VFB v VFC [2020] SGFC 11
  • VIU v VIV [2020] SGFC 51
  • VPD v VPE [2021] SGFC 14
  • WAI v WAJ [2022] SGFC 18
  • WBC v WBD [2022] SGFC 23