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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a criminal offence in Singapore?

A criminal offence in Singapore pertains to any legal offence that falls under the Criminal Law or the Criminal Procedure Code. In criminal offences, it is the government (the prosecution) who brings charges to the accused. The proceedings are tried in the High Court, Court of Appeals and Criminal Mentions Court.

What is considered a Criminal Record in Singapore?

A criminal offence will be a criminal record when the accused is convicted with registrable crime within Singapore and Malaysia or if he or she is ordered to be deported, expelled or banished in the two countries.

What are the common reasons for divorce in Singapore?

What Will Your Criminal Defence Lawyer In Singapore Do At The First Court Hearing?

At the First Court Hearing, your criminal lawyer will find out what is/are the charges that you are facing and will take further directions to move your case forward (be it towards a guilty plea or claiming trial), amongst others things.

What are the common reasons for divorce in Singapore?

What are criminal lawyers’ responsibilities?

A criminal lawyer has the responsibility of representing the accused in every stage of the process, from police investigation to court trial and appeal. Your criminal lawyer will help you understand your rights, appear in the court to your defence and more.

Can You Choose To Remain Silent When You’re Being Charged With A Criminal Offence?

Whether you are being arrested without a warrant, presented with one or are invited into a police interview for an investigation, it is best to call your criminal lawyer first before speaking as your words from then will be accounted as evidence for the investigation or the proceeding.

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