Family Law

Divorces, custody disputes, domestic violence, division of assets – they are tough, distressing, and things can get messy. As a firm that practices Family law in Singapore, we know it.

Choosing the right family lawyer during this period of hardship can be challenging, however, it can result in the difference between light and day to you and your case. A good lawyer can walk you through the whole process from counselling to explaining the grounds for divorce or any other disputes to representing you in court trials.

At every stage, we strive to be your preferred lawyer of choice. Whether this means drafting prenuptial agreements or deeds of separation for you, negotiating a water-tight settlement for your ancillary matters, or advocating for you during a contested divorce hearing.

In Aspect Law Chambers LLC, we are well-versed in a complete suite of family law:

  • Deed of Separation
  • Divorce
  • Division of Matrimonial Assets, Properties, Spousal Maintenance and/or Child(ren) Maintenance
  • Children related issues 
  • Annulment 
  • Probate Matters 
  • Personal Protection Order – Family Violence
  • Maintenance related applications
Family Law

When Do You Need a Family Lawyer in Singapore?

A family law firm may devote most of its time and manpower to divorce cases in Singapore. Thus, one may be confused between a family lawyer and a divorce lawyer. Aside from divorce cases, a family lawyer handles a wide range of other legal matters under the Singapore Family Law.

For one, a family lawyer can guide you in the creation of your will as well as the alterations and amendments that you might want to make after its drafting. A family lawyer will explain the various kinds of last will and testaments and the advantages of each draft. Furthermore, you can depend on a family lawyer to prepare your will for probate. Likewise, should you need to apply for Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate following the passing of a relative, a family lawyer is the legal person to consult.

A family lawyer also deals with matters and requests that are primarily connected to children, such as guardianship. The Guardianship of Infants Act allows someone who is not the kid’s parent to seek custody of the child. Our family lawyers can be of assistance here. We conduct family law research to assist people who are not the child’s biological parents in requesting custody for the benefit of the child. 

The adoption process is assisted by our family lawyers in a similar manner. To make sure all the paperwork is in place and the adopting parents are properly represented to get the adoption granted, it is imperative that you hire a family lawyer. Personal protection orders (PPO) and maintenance orders are also dealt with by a family lawyer (MO). As mentioned above, a family lawyer handles divorce-related concerns as well. You can obtain assistance from the family lawyer to address this matter for you whether you and your partner have mutually decided to get a divorce or you have a disagreement in some areas of the legal process.

Who gets care and control of a child after divorce Singapore?

The court rules over who will have care and control of a child after a divorce. This is the very reason why you need the help of a family lawyer when getting a divorce. While the Family Law in Singapore favours co-parenting, in most cases, sole care and control will be given to one party only. As such, in order to protect your and your child’s interests, it is crucial to engage the help of an experienced family lawyer to represent you in a divorce.

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