Family Law

Divorces, custody disputes, domestic violence, division of assets – they are tough, distressing, and things can get messy. As a firm that practices Family law in Singapore, we know it.

Choosing the right family lawyer during this period of hardship can be challenging, however, it can result in the difference between light and day to you and your case. A good lawyer can walk you through the whole process from counselling to explaining the grounds for divorce or any other disputes to representing you in court trials.

At every stage, we strive to be your preferred lawyer of choice. Whether this means drafting prenuptial agreements or deeds of separation for you, negotiating a water-tight settlement for your ancillary matters, or advocating for you during a contested divorce hearing.

In Aspect Law Chambers LLC, we are well-versed in a complete suite of family law:

  • Deed of Separation
  • Divorce
  • Division of Matrimonial Assets, Properties, Spousal Maintenance and/or Child(ren) Maintenance
  • Children related issues 
  • Annulment 
  • Probate Matters 
  • Personal Protection Order – Family Violence
  • Maintenance related applications