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Aspect Law Chambers LLC is a boutique firm that specialises in Family and Criminal Law that champions amicable resolutions at cost effective levels.

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Equipped with years of experience in both Family and Criminal Law, we are more than ready to ensure that your case is water tight from all aspects. Whilst we embrace peaceful resolutions, faced with unreasonable circumstances, we are poised to push forth your case to ensure justice prevails.

By forging strong relationships and placing ourselves in our clients’ shoes, we strive to assist our clients in achieving closure so that they may embark on life’s new chapter.

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Yu Gen Xian Ryan 
Managing Director

Yu Gen Xian, Ryan

Managing Director

LL.B (Hons)

Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore)

Ryan, the managing director of Aspect Law Chambers LLC,

started out as a multi-disciplinary lawyer. However, through

time he discovered his passion in community law and

went on to specialise as a family lawyer at a boutique

matrimonial firm. His strong sense of justice led him

to start his own firm of family & criminal lawyers in Singapore.

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